How Blood Test can help put a holistic plan for Thyroid Issues (and polyinfluenzinum)


Polyinfluenzinum – a great flu support

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I hope, you are enjoying the summer (or winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). While there has been a lot of negative news  about holistic medicine in mainstream media, it is also worth remembering that according to a recent analysis, most people who visit a nutritionist, herbalist or homeopath would recommend it to their friend and also feel better health-wise. Indeed, the markets for holistic medicine and supplements are growing a lot in Europe.


Thyroid and Blood Test

One key area is the thyroid. As evidenced by the latest British Medical Journal than in many cases, especially of mild underactive thyroid, there is no proof that using medical drugs help. See the following articles:
British Medical Journal –

If you want to know more how a holistic approach can be designed to help  your thyroid, please follow this link:

I wish you a very good end of summer.

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