A typical initial session


What to expect on your initial session with Thierry Clerc

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Thierry Clerc has trained in homeopathy and nutritional therapies as it is mainly used on the continent – for a therapeutic approach. For this reason, the consultation process focuses on your specific issues, and also on any underlying causes that may need to be addressed.

The first session lasts one hour. Its aim is to get as much information about your condition & symptoms, your general health, personal & family medical history, diet and life-style. Some body metrics information will be taken and a bioresonance (or informational) testing is also included. After booking, you will receive more information about what to bring and what to expect via email.

What to expect from the treatment

It is very difficult to give a prognosis before having a first consultation. While most people will feel an increase in vitality and energy at the start of a holistic treatment, some conditions may require long-term treatment and others may also benefit from conventional treatment, with homeopathic and nutritional support as a secondary support.

We invite you to take a close look at the following areas of our website:” Clinical Homeopathy“, “Evidence” and “Testimonials“, where you can familiarize about Thierry Clerc’s approach.

Support Plan

You will receive a tailored support plan made of homeopathic remedies, supplements and  nutritional & life-style suggestions. The number of appointments is dependent on the nature and length of illness. A follow-up usually lasts 30 minutes.
At least at the beginning, it is advised that you come to an appointment before just ordering homeopathic remedies as and when needed.

Working alongside Conventional Therapies

You will never be asked to stop using your medications & I strive to work with the full cooperation of your GP, as well as other therapists.


Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bio-resonance, Nutrition & Allergy