Consultation rates

Thierry Clerc practices in Cambridge (UK) as a clinical homeopath, bioresonance practitioner and a nutritionist.

Standard Consultation Rates

– Initial 60-minute Consultation: £85
30-minute Follow-up consultation: £53
– 60-minute Follow-up consultation: £85
– Additional Bioresonance Report (please ask at end of consultation): £20
includes an allergy/energetic analysis report
– Email or Phone Consultation (when requiring 15 minutes): £20

If you have not seen Thierry Clerc for more than 6 months, please, book a 60-minute follow-up consultation.

Concessions and Special Package

Children aged 5 or under: £75 for an initial consultation, and £45 for follow-up consultations of 30 minutes, and £75 for one-hour follow-ups.
Concession rate for unemployed, retired & students’ (initial consultation only): £75
Package of 6 follow-up consultations available for the price of 5, valid 2 years

Metabolic Balance

The Metabolic Balance is a set package, which includes a blood analysis, an individual nutritional plan and 7 sessions. Before offering this service, Thierry Clerc will need to meet you so that we can jointly review if this is the correct approach for you. Please refer to the Metabolic Balance section for more information.

If you are late or cannot attend our Appointment

Time is our most limited resource. Here is how I work to with my patients to reduce waiting time:
– If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give ample notice to allow to accommodate others who require urgent treatment –  please contact me over email at least 48 hours before the appointment.
– If you realise that you cannot come to my clinic on short notice (less than 2 days), then feel free to contact me so that we can organise a phone or Skype consultation instead.
– I leave a 15 minute gap between appointments, so it is not a problem if you are a bit late, or if we need to extend your appointment by a few more minutes. I will also try and organise if you come much later on the same day, due to traffic or personal issues.
– You will otherwise be charged for the cost of the consultation.
– If on my side, I need to cancel on short notice (48 hours), I will provide you a free consultation next time.

Support Plan (homeopathy, nutrition, herbal therapy)

The rates above do not include homeopathic remedies, herbs or supplements. A support plan will be provided at the end of your appointment, and can be purchased directly after the session.

Forms of payment for your consultation and support plans

We accept cheque and all major credit cards.

Accepted Card Payments

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner, Cambridge (UK)
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy