The Consultation & Healing Process

Thierry Clerc, Clinical Homeopath, Nutritionist, Bioresonance practitioner, Cambridge (UK)

Your Relationship with Thierry: the Consultation & Healing Process

The two major modern afflictions for the health of the 21st Century Human Being are chronic stress and poor nutritional habits. Both will impact our mind, our emotional feeling and ultimately our body. And both may required a lot of support and love to reverse. For deeper issues, we may need to look at how the patient feels about their life as well.

While conventional medicine can bring relief and assistance with many chronic diseases, a bigger portion of the public is nowadays turning to complementary medicine, which can provide an alternative form of healing.

The consultation process aims to understand why the body is unable to restore its functions naturally and why the patient may suffer emotionally and physically as a consequence.

Thierry uses medical blood tests, stool tests and also energetic testing to provide a better understanding of the situation.

Using natural healing has one potential drawback: it can take time to restore full health, depending for example on the body’s level of resources, of the medical condition and the medical history. Thierry works a lot with patients who are on medical drugs, and accept that conventional drugs have a place in healing, at least until the patient and his/her conventional medical practitioner believe that they can be reduced or stopped safely.

A simple example would be a patient who suffers from severe hypertension, partly caused by hyper-obesity. Removing the conventional drugs if they cause side-effects would be very counter-productive at this moment. A better approach would be to provide a support to compensate any side-effect of the drugs, and help in parallel the patient lose weight safely and manage his heart functions naturally. Very often, when a healthy weight is achieved, the doctor will be more than open to reduce or stop the conventional medications (again this is the remit of the conventional prescriber and the patient, not of Thierry).

In holistic medicine, every patient is different, every symptom and every life story has to be looked at with an open eye to help unfold healing. He will work closely with conventional practitioner or other natural therapists when required and needed.

Finally, Thierry’s therapeutic approach is based on 3 pillars: homeopathy, metabolic nutrition and a sincerely deep listening attention, which is also require to achieve deeper levels of healing.

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Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bio-resonance, Nutrition & Allergy

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