Our Metabolic Balance Programme

Thierry Clerc practices in Cambridge (UK) as a clinical homeopath and a nutritionist. Thierry is a certified Metabolic Balance Coach.


Prior to  reading what the programme includes, please make sure to check the introduction to the metabolic balance programme. You can access it by clicking HERE:


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In order to know if the Metabolic Balance is the right approach for you, please contact Thierry Clerc for an initial review. While very effective, Metabolic Balance is not for everyone. The programme includes an initial review of your individual medical history and your situation. This review will help us to define if Metabolic Balance is the right approach for you.


What does the Metabolic Balance Programme includes?

The support programme is based upon the period of time, you will receive support. The support programme includes the following:
– an initial review of 60 minutes to assess if the Metabolic Balance is right for you. It will be charged at the normal consultation rate and will be fully refunded if you decide to take the metabolic balance programme at the end of this consultation, or anytime in the future.
– a blood test pack,
– a detailed blood analysis of more than 30 key metrics,
– a one-hour programme kick-off consultation that will allow us to discuss Phase 1 and Phase 2 in detail. Your individual nutritional plan will be presented and discussed in details at this stage. We will have a chance to discuss any query or concerns,
– if relevant to your needs: recipes, shopping suggestions and exercise programmes,
– there will be 5 more follow-up consultations over the 3 months following phase 2. They will be spaced between one week and a month, depending on your progress. We will monitor your improvement in terms of key body metrics to progress you to the maintenance phase of the Metabolic Balance.

The Metabolic Balance Programme

Thirty-five different key metrics will be used and communicated to the Metabolic Balance metabolic team in Germany to identify the right food required to train and optimise the performance of your individual metabolism.

As your coach, I will provide you with guidance and support over a four-phase programme:

Phase 1 (metabolic detoxification)

This consists of a gentle cleansing phase that lasts just two days. The digestive system is cleansed with usually the use of a mild laxative and you will be provided a choice of light menu for two days.

Phase 2 (metabolic balance ‘back bone’)

During this time, you will receive a restricted selection of foods on a customised programme to re-train your metabolism to its peak performance. Phase 2 lasts for 14 days and is a balanced programme of foods including proteins, starches, fruit and vegetables. There is no calorie counting or fasting. The aim is to re-educate you into eating the right foods to increase your hormonal balance and your enzyme production.

Phase 3 (metabolic expansion)

This phase will see you re-introducing an expanded food list. You will also re-train your digestive system to deal with a “bad metabolic meal” to further prepare you to a more expanded diet. Phase 3 is reached when you have achieved your goal weight, so the length of this phase 3 is variable depending to your starting point and your requirements.

Phase 4 (metabolic balance)

This is moving the programme into a sustainable lifestyle for you. You will further expand different types of foods and be guided through simple rules and monitoring tips.
As your Metabolic Balance Certified Coach, I will offer a variety of support options such as exercise programmes, shopping suggestions and cooking recipes.


For more information about the Metabolic Balance, please contact us for a full review.

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopath, Metabolic Balance Practitioner & Nutritionist in Cambridge


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