Metabolic Balance Testimonials

The Metabolic Balance was designed by German doctors in the 1980s. Health is a journey, and in terms of diet, it is actually a journey back in time. Our genes have not evolved as fast as the modern first-world diet. Moreover, our genes are truly individual and this means that general dietetic rules are more likely to fail than success for most people. The Metabolic Balance programme recognizes this fact. It provides a personal nutritional roadmap set in four stages, with food that can be eaten and food that need to be avoided for each stage.


Here are some testimonials from clients who have benefited of Thierry’ support to achieve optimal weight, optimal health and re-balance their metabolism:

Lorraine, Sales Manager, Cambridge
I have had such great results over the last three months with the Metabolic Balance personalized nutritional programme.  I have lost 1st 3lbs in total and feeling fabulous .  I have never been able to lose weight in years, my coach Thierry Clerc has offered me a huge amount of ongoing support throughout my journey to reach my goal weight.  Thierry answered every one of my questions by email with no hesitation at all. I must add that I was emailing everyday with at least 5 different questions, Thierry was so helpful, supportive and always readily available.  I will continue to follow my personalized Programme, as I need the structure it gives me to maintain my goal weight.  I would definitely recommend the Metabolic Balance Programme to anyone wishing to lose weight and feel and enjoy life so much better.

Ulrike, Health Practitioner
‘A personalized Metabolic Balance program is the best insight you can get today to make sure you are eating a healthy & balanced diet. Thierry’s holistic approach coupled with his in-depth knowledge of homeopathy and natural health qualifies him as your ideal guide to correct eating.’

Kristi, Ely
Thierry’ support was amazing and the results have been great. From the start, I felt more energetic, less hungry and generally healthier. I have lost 2.5 stones, which is excellent news for me. Also, my allergies are completely gone and I do not have any needs to take anti-histamines. I know that Thierry can make a difference in someone’s health as he made such a difference in mine.

Serge, 74 year old retiree
“I am a diabetic. For this reason, weight is an issue for my health and weight has also been very difficult for me to control. I have never managed to find a programme that fits my nutritional need and also help me lose weight until I tried Metabolic Balance. The Metabolic Balance programme is easy to follow and has kept my hunger satisfied. Beside my weight loss, I have noticed a much higher level of energy  and an improvement in my golf handicap. Finally, my blood sugar level have significantly improved and my doctors have confirmed that the Metabolic Balance programme was helping me a lot, so much that they suggested me to reduce my insulin intake. After the 3 months of one-to-one support, I have gained the understanding that will help me in the long term to keep the momentum.”

Patrick, 41 year old technician
I would give you a quick update after three weeks of treatment. I am doing very well and I would like to thank you for your support. As you remember, I contacted you because I was due to be put on drugs. My blood tests had shown issues for many years, and because of my family antecedents, drugs were the recommendation from my doctor. He however agreed to give me a change to try an alternative approach for 6 months before another blood test. The Metabolic Balance and your homeopathic support helped me no end. I felt more energised and with more vitality from the start, and I have now lost the weight. After 4 months, I the blood tests have arrived, and my doctor confirmed that they are perfect. Thank you!”

 Gemma, Fulbourn, 38 year old
I always had digestive problems and during a medical check-up, I was told I was underweight. I was attracted by the metabolic balance as it lists the type of food, I can eat from a comprehensive blood test. By sticking to the food plan and the list of food , I instantly noticed that my energy level and digestion improved. I really enjoyed as well the consultations as they help me to build confidence in expanding the type of food that I was having. After a few months, my weight, measured as per my BMI was in a healthy range. Thank you.”

Bill, Cambourne
Despite my initial scepticism the results of Thierry’s approach have astounded me. I have lost weight and improved my general well being. His advice is always insightful, precise and helpful.”

Lorraine, Cambridge
“The Metabolic Balance has been a God-send. All your advice and support has been amazing, It helps me no end !!!”

Sharon, Bury St Edmunds
“I thought I would give you a quick update after three weeks of treatment. I am doing very well and have lost 8lbs in weight already. I have stopped taking Ibuprofen now and am keeping as active as possible. Many thanks, Sharone”


Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy