How to use your support plan

Your support plan is to be taken in-between consultations. It is usually made of a mix of homeopathic remedies, herbal products and supplements. Nutritional and lifestyle advice may also be included.

Your therapeutic support plan should come with a detailed description on how to use them in your particular case. However, you may find some useful information here as well.


How to use our homeopathic dispenser

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Your support plan is made to match your individual needs and characteristics. You will find a combination of homeopathic remedies and supplements, with specific labels. Look at the 2nd line on the label, then follow these instructions:

Homeopathic Remedy – WATER

Put the required amount of drops or pills in a 75-cl or 1-litre bottle of mineral/filtered still water. Put all of your “Remedy – WATER” in this prescription in the same bottle of water: use only one bottle of water with all of the WATER remedies mixed in it. Shake the water bottle vigorously four or five times. Drink it through the day, little and often.

For children, use smaller amounts (33cl or 50cl) or split the dosage into 3 or 4 glasses.

Do not re-use WATER remedies from previous prescriptions. These products can be discarded.

Herbal and Homeopathic – TINCTURE

Put the indicated amount of drops in a small glass of water, ideally about 10 min before breakfast & dinner. If you have several tinctures, you can mix them into the same glass.


Take as indicated on the label.

Homeopathic Remedy – DRY

Place the required number of pills under your tongue. Let them dissolve slowly i.e. do not chew them. Preferably take 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, or one hour after a meal.

Homeopathic Remedy – IMMUNE

For the first and second days, take 1 pill 6 times a day: place under the tongue & let it dissolve slowly (i.e. do not chew). On day three onwards, take 1 pill 3 times a day for 5 more days or until the condition is resolved.

Homeopathic Remedy – ACUTE

Take one to three pills whenever required, and repeat every 15 minutes if needed. Place under the tongue & let them dissolve slowly i.e. do not chew.

Homeopathic Remedy – SLEEP

Take one to three pills before going to sleep. If you wake during the night, take some more and repeat every 30 minutes if needed. Place under the tongue & dissolve slowly i.e. do not chew. Good night!

Homeopathic Remedy – CLASSICAL

Open the container & put the pills inside the container directly under your tongue, without touching them with your fingers. Let them dissolve slowly (do not chew them). Take at a relaxed moment, such as early in the morning. Also, take one hour away from food.


Spray 4/5 times in the bedroom before going to bed. Use for 2 weeks, and then wait for a week. Repeat if you feel this is still needed.

Homeopathic Remedy – HEEL (WATER)

Take twice a week only, 3-4 days apart (Monday/Thursday for example).

Vials are pre-scored for easy opening and are marked with a colour dot above the next of the vial. First, ensure that all contents of the vial are below the narrow neck by gently flicking or tapping top of the vial with fingers (as in figure 1). Hold firmly with one hand with dot towards you. With the other hand, snap the vial top slightly and away from dot (figure 2 and 3). Discard the vial top and be careful of sharp glass edges. Since the edge of broken glass can be sharp and jagged, you should take precautions to avoid cutting your fingers (figure 4). Put the liquid in your bottle of water by shaking the lower part of the vial.

Opening Heel am

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