Male Infertility

This document is an easy-to-read summary on the holistic view of male infertility and its possible causes. This subject has been covered by Thierry Clerc in more details in several professional publications.

Thierry Clerc practices in Cambridge (UK) as a clinical homeopath and a nutritionist. He is a regular contributor of several national and international health magazines.


Male Infertility: Women are not always to blame for conception issues

We published an article on this subject in the Hpathy magazine of June 2011, that was very well received. Hpathy is the biggest resource in the world for professional homeopaths, including doctors from all over the world.

This article is actually quite easy to read for non-homeopaths, and gives a good understanding about the root causes of infertility and possible ways to address it.  About 30% to 50% of the male partners of couples visiting my practice for fertility need to get a support plan. Some conventional estimates put the level of male infertility to 60%.

It is important to understand that if you improve your sperm count by 10 million/ml, you increase the chance to procreate very significantly. Ideally, the optimal sperm count should be about 60 million/ml. Sperm counts have gone down for the last 50 years in the West, and the problem is so bad that in 2010 the World Health Organisation has decided to lower its definition of low sperm count, from 20 to 15 million per millilitre. To put this into context, if you increase sperm count from 20 to 30 million, you double your chance of conception, so it is worth trying. Complementary approaches are usually cheaper and less intrusive than conventional approaches.

Here are the links of articles published in the professional press:
For Hpathy, the largest professional homeopathic resource in the world.
For the leading British association of homeopaths.

For such a complex issue, I recommend a consultation for both partners. Please Contact us directly.

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy


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