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Thierry Clerc

As a health practitioner, Thierry has been around for a while. He has built trusting relationships with his customers. We want to thank them for their kind words of gratitude.

Our approach is truly individualised to each person. For this reason, this section should not be seen as claims that we treat specific conditions. It is a window of opportunity for you to see what people have experienced or felt with our unique approach.

In some cases, we have decided to use only the first name or blacked out some information to protect the confidentiality of our customers.

Nita Gage, USA

“I have worked with the best homeopaths in the US, and I know that you are in those ranks! Thanks so much.”

Nicolle Corr (via linkedIn)

“I have used Thierry’s expertise several times, both for myself and my daughter (now 2). Thierry is a very understanding and dedicated specialist and demonstrates extensive knowledge about homoeopathic treatments and remedies. As I am concerned with some of the side-effects of conventional treatments I defiantly prefer to seek Thierry’s opinion when improving my family’s health and well-being over my GP.”

Daniel L., Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

“I am writing you to express my personal thanks and gratitude. After our initial meeting, in which I felt reassured and safe, I began to use the mixture of homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements to help with my general health and my life-long sleep issues (I’ve had broken sleep all my life). To date, my sleeping has vastly improved, I sleep through the night, up to 8 hours at a time, and this has had a profound impact on all aspects of my life. I “feel” a different person to the one I was 6 months ago.”

Angela Vila, Spain

“I have seen you since I have been 85 (Angela is now 90). Following your treatment and your advice, my health has changed so much that I now feel as if I am 60 or 70. My friends do not recognise me. While I had my fair share of traumatic events over the last 5 years, I have managed to have a more positive outlook on life, lose weight, stop several of my medications (with the agreement of the doctor). I feel more energetic and happier. Thank you and long life to Homeopathy!”

Marie Lucchetta, Girton, Cambridge
“Thierry is extremely competent, thorough and caring. He listens very carefully to what you say. I feel so much better now, and a lot of my ailments have disappeared. As a result, my mood is fantastic. Thierry has created a wonderful positive circle that gives me much more energy to get through even the toughest days. That is itself is life changing.”

More testimonials on homeopathy and nutritionist services in Cambridge:

Katharine Ellis, Cambridge (via linkedIn)

“Thierry is a knowledgeable and skilled health practitioner who uses homeopathy, nutrition and bio-resonance to provide you with a unique and in-depth support plan to increase your health and well-being. I found his warmth and nurturing attitude backed up by his years of experience tremendously supportive in continuing to meet life’s challenges whilst also looking after myself!”

Josep Paris Torren (via linkedIn)

“Thierry is an excellent specialist. I highly recommend him as a healthcare practitioner and homeopath”. December 4, 2012

Nikky, Cambridge

“Hi Thierry, I’ve finished the course now and my blood sugar levels have gradually reduced which is great. Thanks a lot.”

Martina, Cambridge

“Dear Thierry, I am writing to thank you for your excellent work regarding my allergic reactions. All in all, I am back to my energetic self.”

Don, Cottenham

“Dear Thierry, Many Thanks for everything. I am glad to tell you that I am progressing well on the current treatment, so much so, that I keep forgetting to take my medications. I have only taken one tablet this week. I trust that you and your wife have a very enjoyable Christmas. Many thanks and best wishes, Donald”

Louisa, Cambridge

“The remedies you gave me worked wonders – truly a marvel. When you said ‘enjoy the healing process’, to be honest, I didn’t really believe it would be enjoyable – I just wanted it to be over. But, in fact, it was really enjoyable. This was quite amazing, so thank you sincerely for your help :). On a related note, I didn’t have any PMS to speak of in January or February – seriously, none at all – quite a transformation!”

G. Montserrat, Cambridgeshire (Total Health website)

“I went to see Thierry a few years ago, and I am now a regular client. My issues before were quite complex and deep, and I really appreciate his multiple approaches, and his focus on lifestyle and nutrition. This made a difference immediately. I would not have thought, that I would feel so healthy and energetic when I started homeopathy.”

M. Morgan, Cambridge (via linkedIn)

“At first, I was sceptical about working with Thierry because I’ve had homeopathic treatment before and the results weren’t great. At the same time, the tradition route would have meant lots of unwanted side effects from taking medicine. Thierry was very thorough with his diagnosis, the remedies worked and I experienced benefits quickly.”

John von Nuding, Musician, Suffolk (via linkedIn)

“I have known Thierry for a couple of years and decided to consult him recently. Thierry gave an immediate and detailed explanation and recommended a solution which resonated strongly with me. I would recommend him to others without hesitation.”

James Neal, Cambridge

I now use homeopathy and nutritional approaches instead of my GP. Thierry takes an interest in your symptoms and takes time to analyse your particular situation. Much better that what I am used to at the Doctors’ surgery.

Patrick Moreaud, Paris, France

“I would like to thank you for your support. As you remember, I contacted you because I was due to be put on drugs. My blood tests had shown issues for many years, and because of my family antecedents, drugs were the recommendation from my doctor. He however agreed to give me a change to try an alternative approach for 6 months before another blood test. I went through a consultation and 2 courses of treatment, and felt more energised and with more vitality from the start. I also lost weight. After 4 months, I felt that the homeopathic support was not needed, and I concentrated on your simple nutritional suggestions, such as garlic and porridge. Well, now the blood test has arrived, and my doctor confirmed that they are perfect. Thank you!”

Nic, Guyhim, Cambridgeshire

“Thierry checked me during a full consultation and prescribed me a homeopathic and nutritional plan to take in the morning and evening …. I could not believe that after just a week my symptoms were already changing for the better. I came because I was suffering from strong heartburn. However, after just a week, my whole health started improving: gaining strength and improving sleep. You all may know: constipation. So … Truly amazing , and I’m not finish with the treatment … Imagine at the end ? I strongly recommend Thierry to any one from my heart! He knows what is talking about and is very professional, and the price for his service is just right!”

Sarah, 32 year old

“I contacted Thierry 8 months ago to discuss the options of homeopathy as a way to support and boost fertility as we were thinking about starting a family. I had always struggled with heavy and irregular. Thierry took a lot of time finding out about my medical history and he asked in depth questions about life style, nutrition and my general wellbeing. I left with a lot of nutritional advice and some homeopathic remedies to start supporting my cycle and I was amazed at the effect it had on my body, even in a short space of time. I also started to get all the “normal” menstrual symptoms that my friends were always telling me about, but which I never actually experienced. I am very pleased to report that I fell pregnant after just 4 months of trying and Thierry has certainly been a great help to help my body getting ready to conceive: he has been supportive and professional and his knowledge and advice have been invaluable.”

Colin Hollidge, Saffron Walden

“I went to Thierry feeling generally run down and ill just before the Christmas break, we had a consultation at his practice. After prescribing 3 types of natural homeopathic products and some nutritional advice, the results were total: giving me more energy and feel very weel indeed. Thanks Thierry. You really know your stuff.”

Isabel Montserrat, France

“I have been a big fan of alternative medicine. This is why I was very happy to hear of Mr Clerc visiting my region. He has helped me where no conventional doctors could help. I have no more symptoms of recurrent anaemia or recurrent infections.”

Bill Easter (via linkedIn)

“Thierry has treated me for several months now. Despite my initial scepticism the results have astounded me. I have lost weight, done away with boxes of prescription medicine (with the agreement of the GP) and improved my general well being. His advice is always insightful, precise and helpful.” October 18, 2012

N. Halksworth, Landbeach, Cambridgeshire

“I have used Thierry’s expertise several times, both for myself and my daughter (now 2). Thierry is a very understanding and dedicated specialist and demonstrates extensive knowledge about homoeopathic treatments and remedies. As a self-confessed critic of conventional treatments I defiantly prefer to seek Thierry’s opinion when improving my family’s health and well-being over my GP.” December 4, 2012

Ulrike Wistuba, London (Total Health website)

“Thierry’s scientific approach coupled with great intuition and in-depth knowledge, make him a great homeopath. I really felt in ‘safe hands’. Thank you so much!”

Sheryl Roberts (via linkedIn)

“As a homeopath and nutritionist, Thierry is in the right job and doing what he loves. He puts 100% into his profession and provides outstanding advice on homeopath remedies. I am a big fan of his newsletter.” September 12, 2012

Mahima, India

“I have already improved a lot and I am sleeping better, as compared to when I went to see you, when I was only sleeping 3-4 hrs a night. Thank you and regards.”

Clare Laurie, Suffolk

“This is a short letter to thank you for helping me out with my digestive problems this autumn. I had been poorly on and off over the summer and I was no better after trying many other therapies. I have been feeling a lot better along with the change of diet and your medicine. I feel I am back to normal now. Thank you once again for your help.”

Montserrat Villa, Spain

“I feel more relaxed and my joints have improved, as well as the whole body in general. Thank you.”

Martina, Cambridgeshire

“Since 1996, I have had regular trouble getting a good night’ sleep. I also suffer from SAD and this can affect my sleep and my mood. I have tried different products over the years from herbal to prescribed drugs. I also tried light box and changing my mattress. However, I had never tried homeopathy, mainly because I have a very scientific-based education and have been extremely sceptical about it. Then, I met Thierry in 2011. Through various presentations, he had outlined the benefits of homeopathy and he was always full of enthusiasm and a total picture of health. So, I thought why not give it a go. We made an appointment at St Matthew’s Clinic.  Thierry took great care in getting a detailed background check to ensure the remedies are perfectly tailored to you. I used his bio resonance machine. He was very thorough in explaining everything and I was fully committed to sticking to taking the remedies, but did not expect to see a huge result. There was however a noticeable effect after a couple of weeks and two months on, I am sleeping very well on a regular basis. I have more energy and higher levels of concentration. I would recommend Thierry Clerc very highly. He is also a lovely person with a smile for everyone to top it all off.”

Bruce Wright, Cambridge (via linkedIn)

“Thierry has changed my whole thinking on homeopathy after seeing some of the results and hearing from the people who have been treated by Thierry is a true expert in his field.”

A. Easter, Cambridge (via linkedIn)

“Thierry has been helping my wife with several issues. She had visited other complementary health practitioners in the past, and this has proven unsuccessful. Throughout the process, Thierry’s knowledge and compassion have shone through, more importantly the results are beginning to show. I can thoroughly recommend Thierry to anybody with health problems especially those of depression or dietary nature.” April 2012

Andrea, Histon, Cambridgeshire

“The whole experience was very good. Thierry put me at ease and listened to my problems. This is what I needed”.

Kristi, Ely, Cambridgeshire

“Dear Thierry, now that things have quietened down a bit, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your complementary health and nutrition advice. I originally wanted to consult you regarding a long-standing allergy problem, having been taking anti-histamines for over 30 years. I had managed well enough with them but when I began taking a horse-care course and found that I was unable to groom a horse without being crippled by sneezing. The homeopathic remedies and the supplements made an immediate difference and I noticed a reduction in my allergies within a week. After 3 or 4 months, they were completely gone. Also, I was very pleased indeed when I also noticed that I began to lose weight and feel more energetic, less hungry and generally healthier. I have lost 2.5 stones, which is excellent news. Finally, while still on anti-depressants, I feel much better and would strongly recommend anyone who finds themselves suffering from depression come to see you as you made such a difference for my emotional problems.”

Martin O’Leary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (via linkedIn)

“Thierry provides regular concise updates on general health issues, homeopathy and nutrition, and how these can be tackled in an easily understood way with practical solutions suggested.”

Keith Wilson, Owner, Hometyre Cambridge (via LinkedIn)

“I have attended numerous functions where Thierry has made a presentation relating to the benefits in using homeopathy. I have found his presentations to be interesting and very informative. Thierry is very knowledgeable in his field and his enthusiasm shines through on all his presentations.”

David, Downham Market, Norfolk

“The problems were worked upon and treated. This was a very good session with a good therapeutic approach. Thanks you so much.”

Sufyan, Pakistan

” Hi Thierry, I just wanted to let you know that I used the homeopathic medicine. you suggested for my impotence, for only about a month because my wife became pregnant within that time. She is now 4 1/2 months. Following your advice, I have taken up yoga, because I think it helped to relax and reduce stress. Thank you again for your kind help.”

Becca Harrison, Histon, Cambridgeshire

“A wonderful session. Thank you. Very intuitive and very sensitive to my needs. Thierry has a great energy as a healer. I felt safe and able to let go completely. Keep up the divine work Mr Clerc!”

Alan, USA, after responding a query over email for a migraine

“Dear Thierry, the China remedy worked, 2 doses and I’m back in the world! I wouldn’t have bothered you, but I was in too much pain. Thank you for rescuing me from my killer headache”.

Petra, London

“After 3 weeks of your anti-candida treatment, I am doing well, my overall health has improved very much and I am feeling great. Looking forward to seeing you soon!”

Clare Rayner, Chesterton, Cambridge (Total Health website)

“I was treated by Mr Clerc in a most thorough and professional way. I was surprised at how holistic his approach was, encompassing all relevant aspects of my physical, emotional and spiritual life. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process and was able to move forward on completion of the homeopathic treatment with renewed vigour and confidence.”

Ash Misra, India (Total Health site)

“Thierry is a gem of a guy, and tremendous homeopathic practitioner. I asked him for help for my stress related problem and a few other issues. Thierry caught the problem, which I had been suffering for a year and provided an excellent treatment. My faith in homoeopathy came alive again since I have started seeing him. What I really like in him is that whenever I face any troubles or have a question he always there to help me. A big thank you for helping me in my tough time and making me realise healing ways that are getting lost in this modern world. Miles to go and God bless you.”

Jenny, Bury St Edmunds

“Dear Thierry, it seems that your balancing pills worked. I took 6 the day before I went for the test, and although it was only a short time after I had started them, the tests came back “normal”. Great news! I am still taking the pills in the water as you told me. Thanks – I even feel better, too. I don’t feel queasy in mid-morning as was the case before. J.” November 12, 2012

Corinne Blandin (via LinkedIn)

“Very good service. I am very happy that Thierry helped me with homeopathy, herbal therapy and nutritional therapy for my health… This is all in a very natural way. Thierry is flexible, supportive and very very resourceful. LOVE it!” November 6, 2010.


Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy

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