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Thierry Clerc Cambridge

As a homeopath and nutritionist, Thierry has been around for a while, and for this reason, he and his team have built trusting relationships with other health practitioners. We want to thank them for their kind words and their work in helping people achieving better health.


Dr. Steven Aronson, DC AMC MMCA, McTimoney Chiropractor, Cambridge

After many years as a health practitioner in Cambridge, I have learnt to create trusting relationship with highly respected health practitioners, such as Steven Aronson. Together, we support and work on our more difficult cases. I highly respect Steven and I really appreciated the letter he decided to send me one day after attending a talk, I gave. Here is a copy of the letter: Homeopathy & Chiropractor working together

Alan V. Schmukler, Hpathy Chief Editor (Professional Homeopathy Magazine)

“Hpathy is the largest resource for Professional Homeopathy and a the top-10-google health site. Thierry Clerc moderates, writes articles, answers hundreds of reader’s questions and takes part at all levels of planning for Hpathy. In addition to his skill as a homeopath, I prize his clarity of judgment, generosity and open heart.”

Amalia Sommariva, Chair of Smoking Cessation Link-workers, NHS Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge

 “Smoking Cessation Linkworkers in collaboration with CAMQUIT and other agencies have been promoting Health and Wellbeing through events that have been held on No Smoking Day at Fulbourn Hospital in Cambridge. Over the last couple of years, Thierry has been involved in these events. His presence, kindness and gentle approach was well received from service users and people who attended the event. He brought a different view about addiction, such as the issue of the content of addictive sugar held in cigarette. His knowledge and experience was well received from myself and my colleagues. His heart openness to listen and learn as well as share his knowledge and experience was a joy to be with.”
This is a scan of the “Non Smoking Day Organiser of the Year Award”: Homeopathy and Smoking

Madeleine Morgan, NLP Life Coach, Cambridge

“Thierry took a refreshingly holistic approach to my health issues which made his homeopathic treatment so much more effective than if he had just treated the surface symptoms.”

Katharine Ellis, Owner of Back2Back Massage

“Thierry is a knowledgeable and skilled health practitioner who uses homeopathy, nutrition and bio-resonance to provide you with a unique and in-depth support plan to increase your health and well-being. I found his warmth and nurturing attitude backed up by his years of experience tremendously supportive in continuing to meet life’s challenges whilst also looking after myself!” (via LinkedIn)

Becca Harrison, Beauty Therapist & Reiki Practitioner, Histon, Cambridgeshire

“I first met Thierry when we were both working at the same health clinic in Cambridge in 2010. In the following months, I started to see Thierry for homeopathic remedies to and he has helped to strengthen and clear my system over the months leading to a greater sence of vitality and a consistency in my energy levels. I have always found Thierry be be a sympathetic listener and he holds a very safe space in his consultation room. I find him to be wonderfully intuitive in his healing abilities and have not hesitation recommending him to others.”

Ellen Kramer, Principal and Director – College Of Practical Homeopathy

“It was a great pleasure working with Thierry at CPH; he is both empathetic and sympathetic with excellent counselling skills. He is well organized, practical, professional, and methodical with excellent business management skills. He demonstrates strong analytically and observational skills, all very useful when case taking. He is very committed to homeopathy which makes what he does successful and enjoyable to everyone involved with his work. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow over the years in to the practitioner he is today which is a great asset to homeopathy. I highly recommend him as a health care practitioner and homeopath.” (via LinkedIn)

Ulli Wistuba, Holistic Practitioner, Austria

“Thierry’s scientific approach coupled with great intuition and in-depth knowledge, make him a great homeopath. I really felt in ‘safe hands’. Thank you so much!”

Manish Bhatia, Director of Hpathy, the largest magazine & resource for Professional Homeopaths, a top-10 Google ranking health website

“Thierry has worked as part of the editorial team of Hpathy.com, one of the world’s leading medical portals. As part of his work profile, he has answered queries from patients, students and colleagues, related to healthcare, medicine and homeopathy. His work has been very helpful in providing meaningful guidance to our target audience. I find him very knowledgeable, keen on helping, guiding and teaching others, an excellent human being, and a joy to work with!” (via LinkedIn)

Tim Gale, Business Coach, founder of the Accountability Club

“Over the 2 years that I have known Thierry, I have seen him speak on his subject of Health. His clear and extensive knowledge shines through along with his passion for helping people to enjoy a better quality of life. His stories and examples always ring home. I always want to listen to him. His friendly and highly personable manners make him easily approachable and put those around him at ease lest they were in anyway anxious about asking questions.” (via LinkedIn)

John von Nuding, Spiritual Sound Healer, Suffolk

“I have known Thierry for a couple of years and decided to consult him recently. Thierry gave an immediate and detailed explanation and recommended a solution which resonated strongly with me. I would recommend him to others without hesitation.” (via LinkedIn)

Wintercomfort, a homeless charity based in Cambridge

Thierry organised a one-year homeopathic outreach for rough-sleepers and their helpers. Please, read the letter: Homeopathy & Homeless

College Of Practical Homeopathy (an unexpected testimonial for some work done for the College and wider Homeopathic community)

“Thierry Clerc is a full time homeopath and is successfully running his own practice. He is passionate about Homeopathy and instrumental in creating networks and support systems for all homeopaths and those involved in the natural promotion of health and wellness. He encourages us to support each other whether we are practitioners, students, or patients and because of his passion to do so, he is the appointed Moderator for the Practical Homeopathy Network. He is not just an outstanding Homeopath, but also an avid writer on health; contributing regularly to the CPH Blog, as well as many other relevant forums and discussion groups.” (via LinkedIn)

Helen Kimball-Brooke, Homeopath and Chair at West London Homeopaths

“You are providing a great service. Many thanks! You may change the face of Homeopathy in the UK.”

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy

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