Being underweight is bad for your health

Thierry Clerc


Anorexia, Low Weight and Low Immunity

I have seen many teenagers and also young women, who suffer from this over the last few years.

Most people, if given a choice, are keen to have a healthy life.

Studies have shown that being underweight doubles the risk of infection, triples the risk of respiratory problems or headaches. and also lead to fatigue. Even someone within their normal weight may struggle if their body fat or body muscle levels are too low.

If there is a medical condition behind this, then there may obviously be a psychological element of control and perfection behind this condition, which needs to be helped with, possibly via therapy.

I have had great success, by providing structured nutritional plans (, when the patient can discover how much food they can eat to stay healthily but also ensure that they do not put on weight… this, and the use of blood tests is a good way to have a starting point and a plan on what needs to be improved.

If someone is not well fed, then psychological or emotional issues are usually worse as the body cannot re-balance.
To know if someone is underweight, you need to check their BMI – if it is below 18.5 or 19, they are medically, but from a nutritional or holistic approach, we expect BMI to be over 20 or 21 to be healthy. See more about BMI here –

It is always useful to also explore a bit deeper in the life situation. For example, someone close to their BMI weight range but with a low muscle mass is more prone to have constipation or back problems. Similarly, someone with a low amount of body fat could is more likely to suffer from Reynaud’s disease or feeling cold. Obviously, if someone runs marathon regularly, you want them to have a lower body weight, and low body fat, but they need a higher muscle mass.
We live in a time and moment when people are much more exposed to wrong views of a healthy body and also with very confusing diet advice.

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner, Cambridge (UK)
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy


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