Weight loss, Building up weight, ideal weight and Metabolic Balance


I qualified as a Metabolic Balance Nutritional practitioner last year to better help my clients who were being underweight or overweight. I have been offering this service to my existing patients’ base in 2013 and the results have been so good that I am now promoting it to the wider world. 


How do I know if I am obese and what is the ideal weight?

The crudest reliable method is to measure your BMI (Body Mass Index). It is your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metre, and divided another time by your height in metre – BMI = Weight/(Height*Height).

While this is not as accurate for very tall, very old, very fit people, or depending of your genetic background, this is a simple measure that directly links your weight with your life expectancy. If your BMI is below 19, you are underweight (and this will impact your health and life expectancy). Between 19 and 25, your BMI is said to be OK, even if depending of your genetic background and height, 23 may be a better high-limit. Below 30, you are overweight. Between 30 and 40, you are obese, and above 40, you are in a new category called “super obese”.

So if you know your height in metre, you can multiply 20 and 23 by you height twice, and get your ideal weight range (Ideal Weight = 23 * Height * Height).

Let us be clear, in my view, feeling contented about one’s life is the most important criteria for longevity. However, after this, your weight is by far your most important metric. No one has yet reached 100 year old in beaming health by being overweight or underweight.

Also, as this chart shows, being underweight is actually as unhealthy as being obese. In my clinic, being underweight is one of the most common causes for chronic miscarriage or a poor immune system.


Why is the Western world becoming so obese?

If you go on the following page, you will see a nice chart with the increase of obesity in the US since 1990. https://thierry-health.com/metabolic-balance/. The USA spends the most in health and has the most nutritionists, doctors, supplements’ company per capita in the world. So, how can this have happened?

The Western world is becoming so obese because we have lost contact with good quality food and what are normal eating habits. Good food is one that is easy to absorb, and this is highly individual. What works for your partner may not work for you. We have also been disconnected for 2 or 3 generations about good eating habits and we are confused by the health agencies and the media, which are a poor mean to provide the right information, as food is ultimately individual.

Any of these popular food advice can be good for one and make another person obese: “Eating fat will make you fat” – “Eat 5 vegetables/fruits a day” – “No more than 3 eggs a week” – “Eat small portion regularly” – “A glass of red wine a day is good for health”  – “Reduce your calorie intake” – “Eat 6 eggs a week” – “To burn fat, do sports” – “Do not drink alcohol”.

Any of these advice can increase your insulin and cortisone levels. To summarise, if your insulin or cortisone is high, your body will be geared up in building up fat. This is a scientific medical fact.


What is Metabolic Balance?

The Metabolic Balance was created in the 1980s by German Medical doctors who realised that their obese patients were not recovering as well as the thinner ones. They also realised that the standard diet advice were not working for most people. At best, people would lose weight in 3 months and put in back over 12 months.

They measured the insulin response to food for their patients and came up with a 35-value blood test to define a metabolic profile, and a 4-phase plan to help people eat the right kind of food for them, in the quantities and manner that is appropriate. With the help of a coach, the 4th phase, one can eat anything and know how not to put up on weight (or become underweight).

You can find more information in the Metabolic Balance area of my website.



Special Offer for Metabolic Balance

Until 30th of November, the Metabolic Balance was provided only to my customers who needed to lose weight. The results have been so good that I now promote it to everyone.

I will explain in more details the metabolic balance and why it works. This is a 3-month support plan that includes:

–  a full blood analysis (to define your metabolic profile)
– a nutritional plan that includes all the types of food that can be eaten for each meal, and in which quantity. The plan also include a detailed list of food and the golden rules on how to eat.
– 7 consultations to help you go through the plan and move to a “maintenance phase”, which is used when one has reached their desired weight and ensure that they stay there. Most people can eat any food then.
– Unlimited email support.

There is no supplements, no calorie restriction, no horrible shake… just real food in reasonable quantities.



Thank you for your time in reading this article. Enjoy your food and your life.


Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopath, Metabolic Balance Practitioner & Nutritionist in Cambridge

Weight loss, Building up weight, ideal weight and Metabolic Balance
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