Author: Thierry clerc

Basal Temperature and Fertility Chart

Measuring Basal Body Temperature for Fertility and Cycle Monitoring Immediately following ovulation most women experience a slight but detectable rise in their normal body temperature (her temperature rises about 0.2 degrees Celsius at ovulation will climb progressively higher for the following 2 days). By monitoring basal body temperature first thing in the morning before getting […]

41 kilograms lost in 8 months…. the importance of achieving a a healthy weight for health in time of pandemics

The link between OBESITY and the risk of a severe reaction to COVID-19 infection has been highlighted in a report by MEDSCAPE, a medical journal and the World Obesity Forum… Independent of age and other factors, being overweight is still seen as a critical criteria for having a severe illness (three quarters of all critically ill patients being […]

How Blood Test can help put a holistic plan for Thyroid Issues (and polyinfluenzinum)

  Polyinfluenzinum – a great flu support First, if you are a registered patient of mine, and need to order your homeopathic flu prophylaxis support, or are interested to know more about it, please email me back. You will find more information about this product here: I hope, you are enjoying the summer (or winter if […]

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