How Blood Test can help put a holistic plan for Thyroid Issues (and polyinfluenzinum)

  Polyinfluenzinum – a great flu support First, if you are a registered patient of mine, and need to order your homeopathic flu prophylaxis support, or are interested to know more about it, please email me back. You will find more information about this product here: https://thierry-health.com/polyinfluenzinum-flu/ I hope, you are enjoying the summer (or winter if […]

Sept. 12 – NEW TALK – How to re-balance your hormonal system naturally, Bury St Edmunds

How can homeopathy and nutrition help re-balance your hormonal system? The talk will include a full hour-presentation at the All Angels Day at Bury St Edmunds. The presentation will cover how the hormonal systems work, and what can imbalance it. We will also discuss simple first aid strategies based on homeopathy, nutrition and supplements. There […]

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