How Blood Test can help put a holistic plan for Thyroid Issues (and polyinfluenzinum)

  Polyinfluenzinum – a great flu support First, if you are a registered patient of mine, and need to order your homeopathic flu prophylaxis support, or are interested to know more about it, please email me back. You will find more information about this product here: I hope, you are enjoying the summer (or winter if […]

Thierry Clerc’s article on Thyroid problems and homeopathy re-tweeted and read over 100,000 times!

Popular article on homeopathy and thyroid problems   Tina Hammett, my colleague and the editor of Complete Health has informed me that my article was a top-hit on Tweeter.   See the article here: Complete Health – July 2015 – Thierry Clerc – Homeopathy and Thyroid   More information on how homeopathy can help thyroid […]

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