18 May, 10.30AM to 12.30PM – Cambridge Arnica Healthy Immunity and Parenting Group

We have a date for our next Cambridge Arnica meeting, which is the Wednesday, 18th of May from 10.30 to 12.30PM, at our usual location, 116 Ramsden Square, CB4 2BL Cambridge.

Please, let me know if you plan to attend. We have already 3 persons confirmed.

Also, apologies for not having been able to organise the meeting earlier. I have been extremely busy in my life and my clinic practice, and also I wanted to put some thoughts about how to make the Cambridge Arnica Parent Group for next year.

After talking to a couple of parents, the idea will be to expand the discussion section, to cover issues with parenting, relationship and childhood health.

I will be happy as usual to organise some presentations, but parents will be also welcome to present themselves or offer some activities, if they wish. We will talk more about this.

Suggested agenda:
– Introduction – Tea/Coffee
– Open discussion – presenting concerns/expectations
– Sarah and Thierry will present the finding from the National ARNICA Day.
– Open Discussion – childhood natural immunity, parents’ issues and future meetings

Can you please let me know if you plan to attend so that we can organise numbers. The best way is to send me an email.


Please note that there will be a £5 contribution.

Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting.