Why homeopathy is a great choice for children in the long run!

Thierry Clerc

This is an article about homeopathy for children. It explains why this approach can help a child blossom with a healthier foundation and more balance immune system.


I have practiced for over 10 years now and I am lucky to see patients who came as young toddlers grown into children, or children becoming close to adulthood.
Compared to children whose parents rely mainly on conventional medicine, I have always found the homoeopathically-focussed children to be more energetic, more balanced and also suffering less from immune dysfunctions such as chronic nasal mucus, asthma or sneezing for instance.
Clearly, investing on the health of your children is really worth it, as the early formative years of a human being isreally key for the maturity of their immune systems.
For more information, here is an article, I wrote for a national magazine about homeopathy for children.

Trying first a natural approach like homeopathy for your child is really worth it, and here is why:
– During the first 10-14 years of our life, and especially during the very first 3 to 5 years, our immune system is immature and needs to be supported and education to respond to germs or other issues.
– Conventional medicine is great for life-threatening condition, and should be considered as first choice if the life of the child is at risk. However, using conventional drugs for minor ailments is known to be usually counter-productive in the long term due to their side-effects. For example, Calpol, the main childhood drug for minor ailments is made with paracetamol, a drug now banned for children in several countries as it is known to be the primary cause for liver diseases, and killing about 100 people a year in the UK.

– Homeopathy has developed its fame in the XIXth century, by dealing with severe epidemics and acute disease. At that time, the homeopaths were keen to press hygiene, nutrition and other good lifestyle practice as a way to strengthen immunity, alongside or before using homeopathy.
Homeopathy is safe, good-value for money and has no long-term side-effects.

If you have a child and want to have a health check review, or discuss specific approaches, please, contact me and we can organise a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Thierry Clerc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopath and Nutritionist



Why homeopathy is a great choice for children in the long run!
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