Cambridge Arnica Vaccine & Immunity Awareness Group

Arnica Vaccine Awareness Cambridge Group



Thierry Clerc, Sarah Ling and Madeline Hickey-Smith are health practitioners and parents local to Cambridge.

They have established the Cambridge Arnica Vaccine awareness group.

This group has a facebook platform and a strong link with Arnica UK, the parent-led organisation focusing on vaccine and natural immunity issues.


We also conduct regular meetings, usually on a Tuesday, from 4 to 6PM, at St Matthew’s Clinic or at a location in the south of Cambridge.


This group aims at creating a relaxed atmosphere where parents can discuss in an open, safe and respectful environment their concerns about their children’s health and immunity.


If you need more information, please email us on


Thank you very much for your interest.

Cambridge Arnica Vaccine & Immunity Awareness Group
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