Childhood Natural Immunity and Homeopathy

If you are a parent, you are surely aware of the challenges of treating unexpected acute illnesses or traumas to our lovely little ones.

Let us not hide it. Even in the modern world, where hygiene and better education and wealth has significantly reduced child mortality, having to deal with a sickly child is very challenging.

Let us put ourselves in the position of the child: being born into life is a tremendous challenge. The first day of a newborn is definitely one of the most challenging experience in a human life: away from the safety of the mother womb, and here comes a place where everything is a matter of life and death… so much to learn to cope and survive. Everything is about his or her existence: food, heat, protection from light and so on….. this is a time when a child is extremely vulnerable and has great reliance to his or her parents.
Parents bring their children to my practice for two reasons:
1- The child is sick and does not respond well to conventional medicine. The problem are very varied, ranging from recurrent nightmares, incontinence or a cough. In most cases, I would see the child only once or twice, even if my suggestion and prescription is successful. The parents are usually happy with the resolution of the issue, and will only come back if the child gets sick again.
2- The parents are already advocates of natural immunity, and are willing to invest long-term into the health of the child. The parents usually have a strategy to deal with common ailments, or first-aid issue, and will bring me their children on a regular basis, usually every 3 months to start. I usually only see a healthy child, and my job is to keep the child healthy and also help him or her grow up with confidence and strength into the world.

Homeopathy has developed its fame in the XIXth century, by dealing with sever epidemics and acute disease. At that time, the homeopaths were keen to press hygiene, nutrition and other good lifestyle practice as a way to strengthen immunity, alongside or before using homeopathy.

If you have a child and want to know more, here are some simple suggestions:
– Join the Cambridge Arnica group.
Arnica is a parent-led non-for-profit organisation, promoting natural immunity for children. It is a fun way to learn about first-aid treatment and meet other like-minded parents. We have a meeting every 2 or 3 months at my clinic. email me for more information.
– Develop a knowledge and a strategy to deal with common ailments.
I do provide free email advice to my clients, and homeopathy is great and safe to try. When I started my career, I did some volunteering work for an Indian organisation who assisted people with homeopathic treatment. Here is an article, I wrote for them on ways to treat chickenpox. Email me if you want some help on this.

– Finally, do not hesitate to get assistance and support from a complementary health practitioner. This reduces the pressure on the parents and gives a third-party perspective on the family issues. I can obviously help on this.

Enjoy the Summer, or the Winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere (I am aware of some of you on my list).

With love,

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy

Childhood Natural Immunity and Homeopathy
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