28 June 2015 – Childhood Natural Immunity & Cambridge Arnica

Thierry Clerc

We had a great first meeting of our newly re-launched local Arnica group. Parents, grandparents and practitioners were all represented and shared their issues and ideas on treating our little ones in a natural way.

I also want to thank all the attendees for creating such a relaxed and open atmosphere. There was a lot of love in the room.

We were 8 at the meeting, and our local Arnica list has grown from 21 to 34 members, and this is great to see so much interest.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 24th of June, from 10am to about 12PM. The focus will be this time on how to support our little ones emotionally and through life traumas. Here is what is in the menu:
– healthy food for children (food to share, and feel free to bring some samples).
– a short presentation on emotional growth in children, and on therapeutics for shocks and traumas.
– open discussions.

This will be quite dense, and hopefully we will have enough time to cover.

As we need to organise for the event, please confirm over email if you plan to come, no later than on the 20th of June. Please, also do not hesitate to forward this to any of your friends, who would be interested.

Thank you,


Location: Thierry Clerc, St Matthew’s Clinic, 116 Ramsden Square, CB4 2BL Cambridge
A map is located here: https://thierry-health.com/appointment/location/
Please note that there will be a £6 contribution.

28 June 2015 – Childhood Natural Immunity & Cambridge Arnica
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