Metabolic Syndrome and Health – Thierry’s article in the IJCAM scientific paper

I hope, you are well, and you are enjoying the change of season that is about to come. Traditionally, spring is seen as a time of “preparation and cleansing before expansion and growth”…. this is true both in gardening and in holistic medicine. This is often a good time for a short “detox”. If you have done Metabolic Balance with me, I usually suggest to re-do one or 2 weeks of your strict phase during spring.
Before, we delve into what is Metabolic Syndrome, I would like to ask you to email me by Tuesday evening if you intend to join my next first aid course on 1st of April, as I need to print out materials by Wednesday.
More information can be found here for this great day of learning.

You may have never heard of the Metabolic Syndrome but it is now considered to be one of the main causes behind early death and also behind the rise of many modern chronic conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood pressure or High Cholesterol levels, as pointed for example by the International Diabetes Federation. These conditions form a significant part of the cost of healthcare in the modern world. We are now seeing these conditions reach epidemic levels in the Western world, and the developing world is catching up fast.

This was highlighted in one editorial and study review, I was asked to write for the prestigious International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

To read more about Metabolic Syndrome and understand what you can do about it, please check this page.

All the best, and wherever you are, enjoy Spring!


Clinical Homeopathy
Nutritional Therapist – Cambridge

Metabolic Syndrome and Health – Thierry’s article in the IJCAM scientific paper
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