Men’s Health, Homeopathy and Nutrition

Like other holistic practitioners, the vast majority of my patients are female or children.

However, it is estimated that in Europe, 1 in 10 adult men suffer from erectile dysfunction, or that in the UK, 75% of all suicides are male. There is definitely a psychological block for many men to discuss their inner health issues, even to a practitioner. For example, in my experience, it usually takes longer with a male client to create the level of trust necessary for deeper work.

Homeopathy and lifestyle changes, especially in terms of nutrition can be of tremendous help for a wide range of issues, such as self-esteem or energy levels. It can also greatly help someone who suffers from sexual issues. To read more how homeopathy and nutrition can help, please check this new article.

Thierry Clerc – Clinical homeopath, Nutritionist and bioresonance practictioner, based in Cambridge (UK)

Men’s Health, Homeopathy and Nutrition
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