13 Jan. 2014 – Thierry Clerc on the Health Inn TV Show

Thierry Clerc is privileged to have been invited by Debby Bruck and Dr. Deepak Sharma to present his work on the world famous TV programme, the Health Inn.

Debby is a major supporter of homeopathy and other holistic medicine in the US. She has been very positive in offering a channel for professional homeopaths to promote their health success.  She has asked Thierry to present his homeopathy work in the UK and in Europe, and also to present how his approach, which has a strong emphasis on nutrition and detoxification, alongside homeopathy and emotional support, is well suited for 21st century patients.

Thierry Clerc is a well respected homeopath and nutritionist based in Cambridge (UK). His main speciality is clinical homeopathy and he has also developed a strong interest about nutrition as most people in the UK needs some form of support and education in this area. He also uses a bioresonance machine as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.

This programme is followed by a wide audience, from people who want to know more about holistic medicine to health practitioners.

Thierry is very touched and pleased to have this opportunity to present my way of working and to support health education. He hopes that this talk will be an open and honest reflection on my work, as well as a humble contribution  to therapists and patients alike.

The show will be at 4PM in London (GMT) , 5PM in Europe (CET) and 11AM  in New York City (Eastern Standard Time). If you want to know more about the show, and how to access it, please email me directly.

Thierry would also appreciate if you can share this news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn by clicking on the link and on the “share” buttons at the end of the page. This may allow people who may be interested by the TV programme to be aware of it. This is something he will not ask often, promise!


Thierry Clerc, Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopath, Bioresonance Therapist and Nutritionist in Cambridge

13 Jan. 2014 – Thierry Clerc on the Health Inn TV Show
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