5 April 2014: A Day with Richard Harvey in Cambridge

Thierry Clerc


Date:5th April 2014

Times:10.00am to 6.00pm

Venue:St Matthew’s Clinic, 116 Ramsden Square, Cambridge CB4 2BL  


Richard Harvey is a renowned spiritual writer and therapist (see http://www.therapyandspirituality.com/), with over 35 years experience of facilitating group-workshops. His ultimate goal is to help people find their true self and provide a roadmap for the inner journey.


While the schedule for the day will be very flexible, Richard expects to lead discussions and practical exercises with the participants to help them promote their understanding of their inner self and their relationships.


In this day workshop we will work with this revolutionary new approach of personal growth and emotional development. This event is partly experiential (loose comfortable clothing is advised); following an introduction and group sharing, we will work in the group, in pairs, and individually. Our aim is to get in touch with ourselves emotionally, physically, psychologically, perhaps spiritually, and more deeply to enable and empower you to take the next step in your life journey.


To book for a limited space, please go to http://www.therapyandspirituality.com/workshops.html#WS14-01W1 (The workshop is entitled Finding Your Essential Self).


“I have a lot of respect for Richard’s approach and mission to help anyone seeking to know themselves better. I especially enjoy the relaxed and also intense time of a workshop with Richard, which allows the participants to actively engage in the moment, in relating and understanding with other people, and ultimately allows us to know ourselves better. The workshops are never the same, as the energy is always different depending on the day, the participants and our inner needs. Richard’s experience helps us all to break our usual barriers and enjoy the experience fully.” – Thierry Clerc

5 April 2014: A Day with Richard Harvey in Cambridge
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