30 Apr 2015 – Cambridge Arnica meeting on Natural Immunity for children

Being a parent can be sometimes a very daunting task, especially in the early years of a child. Similarly, trying to treat your kids or your family in a natural way when they suffer from minor ailments can be complicated, especially because there are many conflicting advice available.
For this reason, I have decided to set up a regular meeting, initially every 2 months, with parents or adults who want to learn more about their health and increase their ability to treat simple ailments in a natural way.
The meeting will be a platform to discuss in a safe and open way, issues that we all face at some stage of our life.
The first meeting is on Thursday 30th of April, from 10am to 12PM, at my clinic and here is what is in the menu:
– healthy desserts for children (food to share, and feel free to bring some samples)
– discussions on how to help with practical therapeutics for cold, ear-ache, sore throats, which can affect our lovely little ones.
– open discussions
The meeting is organised as part of the Arnica UK Network, a grass-root group of parents who want to promote natural immunity.
As I need to organise for food, please confirm over email if you plan to come, no later than on the 25th of April.
Also, please, do not hesitate to forward this to any of your friends, who may be interested to come.
Thank you, and I wish you a good month of April,


Location: Thierry Clerc, St Matthew’s Clinic, 116 Ramsden Square, CB4 2BL Cambridge
Click here to find a map with Thierry Clerc’s clinic.
Please note that there will be a £6 contribution.

30 Apr 2015 – Cambridge Arnica meeting on Natural Immunity for children
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