What to do in case if acute illness – simple first-aid and general support 

Thierry has a lot of experience with children. Thierry manages the local Natural Childhood immunity group in Cambridge and is also involved with the UK-wide Arnica parents’ group. You will find some useful information on nutrition and childhood here.

This document is not available online anymore. Please email me if your child is a patient of mine and I will forward it to you.


Here is the introduction and the table of contents:

Introduction – What to do in case of children acute illness

This document is to help you face an acute condition. An acute condition is defined as being “present and of severe of intense degree”. It is in opposition to chronic, which means “persisting for a long time and constantly occurring”.

It is important to keep yourself cool and be prepared for when your child faces an acute illness. This is because an acute condition would divert a lot of the child’s vital energy to redress the issue. Another way to explain it is that a child’s immune system is not mature and will be over-responsive at times. This can lead to extremely stressful situations.

However, by using natural approaches, you can allow the child to restore health promptly and safely and also allow the child’s body to manage to balance the immune response more effectively. This document will help you put a base for your healing, keep it handy and refer to it when your child get sick.

Table of Content

Preparation and Strategies for First-Aid

Is it safe to treat your child?

What to do when there is an acute infection (IMPORTANT)

What to do when there is an acute condition, which is not infectious

First-Aid Therapeutics

Treating acute fever

Treating acute upper-respiratory infections (colds, nose, ear, throat)

Treating any other conditions

First-Aid Support & Homeopathic Remedies


NICE Traffic Light System for identifying risk of serious illness

Know your rash





Thierry Clerc, MARH, Rhom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner, Cambridge (UK)
Clinical Homeopath, Bioresonance Therapist
Metabolic Balance & Nutritional Therapist

What to do in case if acute illness – simple first-aid and general support 
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