Cambridge Arnica Meeting – 1st December – Jayne Donegan “The Vaccination Question”


I manage the Cambridge Arnica Group, who helps and educates parents about children natural immunity. We often discuss about the pros and cons of vaccination and also about the challenges and methods to raise a child with natural therapeutic supports

As part of our regular meetings, we have organised an evening talk with Dr Jayne Donegan, a GP with specialised knowledge of vaccination. Jayne will discuss potential issues with the current vaccine programme and also about alternative approaches to vaccines.

The meeting will be on Thursday 1st of December, from 6 to 8PM,in Trumpington. The price will be GBP 15 per adult.


You will find a detailed description of the talk below.

If you are interested, please email Thierry Clerc on We need at least 20 committed people to cover costs, and we are asking people who are interested to send a GBP15 deposit to confirm the booking of the venue and of the event. It will be reimbursed if the talk is cancelled.

We hope to that you will meet our very friendly group on that occasion.


More information on the talk below:

 The Vaccination Question

Isn’t it scientifically proved that vaccination is the single most effective cause of improved health in the 20th and 21st Century?
Dr Jayne LM Donegan is a GP and Homeopath with extensive experience in paediatrics over 27 years. She started off her medical career as an enthusiastic supporter of the Universal Childhood Vaccination Program. Her research into the problems associated with vaccination began with the Measles Rubella Campaign in 1994.
Part One
• Introduction
• Journey – how a doctor could change from being a firm supporter of the ‘Universal Childhood
Immunisation Program’ to strongly questioning its validity
• Why morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases has fallen so drastically over the course of the
twentieth century, are our children more healthy?
• Natural infections and immunity
• Vaccination and artificial immunity
• Specific diseases and their vaccinesbaby-homeopathy
Break 15-20 minutes
Part Two
• Questions/ Plenary
• Feedback forms
That those participating
• Achieve an understanding that the issue of vaccination and health is not black and white
• Realise that factors other than vaccination have contributed to the massive reduction in morbidity and mortality
from infectious diseases in the Twentieth Century
• To have some tools for evaluating information that they are given on the subject
• To have links to information for further study

Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutritional Therapy Cambridge

Cambridge Arnica Meeting – 1st December – Jayne Donegan “The Vaccination Question”
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