First Aid Course in Homeopathy

Xmas and the end of year is often a special time for many of us, with celebration, reflection on the past and also projections on the future.

While some over-eating and over-drinking may not be considered healthy, this is in my view well compensated with good quality time spent around the table with friends and family. Studies on happiness show that most people who spend time eating with others tend to feel better and happier. This is especially true if the environment is positive and supportive, so make sure to give some thanks and appreciation to your close ones, and also receive compliments from them with an open heart.

I also wish you a great year, 2016 has been very busy and overall positive for me with several new local and internet projects based on health education.

I will start 2017 with a revamped one-day first aid course on Saturday 14th of January, from 10AM to 5PM. More information can be found on my website. The course will also cover diet, emotional well-being and how our body works from the point of view of anatomy & physiology. It will also be a very practical day with lots of role-plays.

There are only 8 places in total, and 4 are booked, so let me know quickly if you want to learn and join.

Until next time, and with love,

Clinical Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist – Cambridge

First Aid Course in Homeopathy
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