Medical Diagnosis – a great way to know how healthy is the inside of your body

I have friends who are conventional doctors and like to joke that “I am soooooo open and supportive of conventional medical tests for a holistic practitioner”. And I like it that way 🙂

I have actually invested over the last two years heaving in developing a very detailed knowledge on medical diagnosis, as this has proven useful to find out missing clues with patients, who were not recovering as well as I was expecting.

Medical diagnosis in general allows us to access a significant amount of information. Doctors would use it to assess health risk, but it can also be used to see patterns or areas to optimise, and this is how I use medical diagnosis.

 Medical tests, I principally use:

– Blood Test and Analysis: while conventional doctors would look at “out of range readings” to determine health risks, there is now a great field of science on how this can be used to optimise diet, lifestyle and also on how you can link all the readings together to get much more information on obstacles for healing (examples are chronic stress or weakened liver may be causing thyroid problems).
– Saliva Tests: they have now so sensitive that they are great to pick hormonal readings over a day, or over a month. This has been great to optimise hormonal cycles for women who wanted to get pregnant or wanted to support during IVF. It also helps find out how chronic stress can impact you and your body.
– Stool Tests: they are great, but expensive when done privately. Unfortunately, in the UK, conventional doctors are not using them very often, possibly because we do not like to talk too much about our “poo”. However, a good digestive system is key for health, food absorption and toxin elimination, and a stool test can pick unwanted pathogens, absorption issues and even friendly bacteria who are too active.
– Hair Mineral Tests: I am using them more and more to understand the body reserve in key minerals but also in unwanted toxins as blood tests are not that reliable – this is because the blood system carries stuff around the body while the body actually stores reserves in the skin, hair and bones. So checking hair contents can provide again very useful information. They are also very cheap and provide a good health check.

If you have any questions or if you are interested to know more about specific testing, then please email me.

Finally, under requests from several parents, I am planning to run a one-day first aid homeopathy course on Saturday 14th of January, from 10AM to 5PM. More information can be found on my website. The course will actually cover how your body works from the point of view of anatomy & physiology and also from a more energetic point of view.

Until next time.

 Thierry Clerc

Clinical Homeopathy

Nutritional Therapy

Metabolic Balance


Medical Diagnosis – a great way to know how healthy is the inside of your body
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