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Thierry’s work as a Nutritionist and Clinical Homeopath has been covered by international and national  media outlets. Thierry feels it is a privilege to present how he sees health and how we can optimise health with natural means, to a wider audience.

Media Highlights

This page lists several articles published by Thierry Clerc in mainstream and specialist media. If you want more information, feel free to contact us.

HPATHY AWARD, the “Oscar of Homeopathy” for Health Practitioners

Thierry has joined a list of prestigious names of Homeopathy when receiving the Hpathy Award in April 2022. His category was “Excellence in Homeopathy Practice”. More information here.

International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
“Effectiveness of adhering to a behavioral weight loss programme to address metabolic syndrome”, I – vol. 1, issue 6 – june 2015

This is the biggest scientific paper in holistic medicine. It is owned by MEDCRAVE, one of the biggest scientific publishers in holistic and conventional medicine. Thierry Clerc worked as assistant editor for this organisation for several years. He was asked to write this editorial on the improvement in weight, diabetes and blood pressure for patients on a long-term weight loss plan. Access the full article here.

BBC Radio,  July 2014 interview on Food Rationing during WW2
“The WW2 rationing diet compared to our modern-day diet”

Thierry Clerc was interviewed live on the Andie Harper show to discuss and compare the rationing programme of WW2 in the UK against our modern day diet. For copyright reasons, the video can not be put on my website but can be made available on request.More information here.

Homeopathy in Practice, one of the leading Professional Magazine in the UK:
“COVID-19 and Lockdown – how CAM practitioners can help the Public health system and support general health”, September 2020

This article received very positive reviews, written to the Journal directly, from holistic practitioners, homeopaths but also people who wanted some guidance. It can be found here ARH Sept 20 Pandemic Article.

HPATHY Magazine, the biggest monthly journal in holistic medicine:
“The use of potentised cortisone in modern homeopathic practice”, Hpathy magazine

Hpathy magazine is the largest professional homeopathy magazine in thew world, and given homeopathy’s popularity in India, Hpathy also hosts the biggest holistic site. Thierry has been collaborating with this journal for several years. His more modern approach and his respect of the core of homeopathic principles has made his articles very well received. This articles presents how chemical drugs can be potentised and used as homeopathic remedies. It has been the most read and commented article in the Journal, with only positive comments! See the full article here.

The Health Inn Video Interview, Online TV
One of the biggest online TV progammes, for Education through Information and Awareness

Thierry Clerc had a 90-minute interview with Debby Bruck and Dr Deepak Sharma about clinical homeopathy, the health of the Western World, and how we can improve our own health a step at a time. For copyright reasons, the video can not be put on my website but can be made available on request.

Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine
“Homeopathy for Babies & Children”, Issue 15, March 2012

Thierry made the front-cover of the leading British publication in complementary health. You can read the full article here.

Research & Information

Other Media Work

“Metabolic Balance Magazine – How Homeopathy can work in times of Pandemics”, May 2020

The article has been “temporarily” removed because of hacking issues. You can find a summary here –

“Male Fertility – a guide to forward planning”, Homeopathy in Practice

Homeopathy in Practice is the leading journal of registered British homeopaths. Access the full article here.

“The Health Forum”, featuring Thierry Clerc, local homeopath and nutritionist, Star Radio Cambridge

A Monthly radio talk show with other health experts… Click HERE or on the picture to listen to a recording:

HEALTH Forum - Star Radio, Cambridge, featuring Thierry Clerc, as resident local homeopath and nutritionist.Thierry is part of a regular radio programme debating health matters with a wide range of health practitioners in Cambridge.

“Optimal nutrition and diabetes – a case-study”, Aromatherapy Times, Spring 2015

This was an article detailed the improvement in weight, insulin-intake and blood sugar balance from a patient of Thierry Clerc on the metabolic balance programme. You can read the full article here.

“Do not let poor sleep ruin your life”, Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine

The front-cover article of one of the issues of the leading British publication for complementary health education. You can read the full article here.

“The Top-5 ways to lose weight”, Cambridge Evening News

The main Cambridge newspaper asks Thierry’s advice on how to feel lighter and healthier.

“Can’t sleep, can’t heal…”, written for Cambridge City Connect and available on our website

Sleep is one of the major cardinals of health – if we can not sleep, we can not heal…. to read the full article, click here.

“Cambridge105 – Sports not key to Obesity Interview”, February 2017

The lovely Suzie Thorpe, from Cambridge105, a local radio, contacted me in 2016 to see if I would be interested in giving a talk about nutrition and lifestyle. After reading an article, I wrote about science showing that sports is not key to fight obesity (proper nutrition is!), she asked me to come for an early year interview at the Cambridge105 Radio office in the centre of Cambridge. More information and the interview here.

Diabetes, Nutrition and Homeopath”, Complete Health Magazine, June 2014

This article on diabetes was requested by Complete Health after the fact that one in three adults in the UK suffer from high levels of blood sugar. You can read the full article here.

“How can Clinical Homeopathy help in depression, an interview by Donna Smiley”

Donna Smiley is a freelance Brighton-based journalist specialising in natural health. The interview is available on our website.

“Strategies to lose weight”, written for Jade Healing Cambridge and re-adapted for our website

After our article for the Cambridge Evening News, we were asked by Jade Healing to write an article on a multi-disciplinary approach to address weight issues. A shorter version of this article is available on this website.

“How can homeopathy and diet help your heartburn”, written for The Therapy Room, Cambridge, and published on our website.

Reflux is a major problem in our society, where unhealthy diet is so common that many people do not even realise that what they eat is damaging their body. After years of food abuse, however, a bit more than diet-change is required. This article provides some simple suggestions.

“The Magic of Natural Medicine – Arnica & Bruising”, an article written for Cambridge City Connect, and also available on our website.

If homeopathy works for professional sportspeople, it should work for us as well! See a copy of the full article here.

“Happy Father’s Day” – written for a worldwide blog organisation specifically for would-be fathers

This was written in collaboration with Lorie Shandle-Fox, a famous US writer and performer.  A more serious version of this article has been posted here.

“Good food, lifestyle and cosmetics….”, written for Cambridge Inspiral

Presentation for the corporate world

It is proven now… what you eat impact the way you look. You can look good without makeup. Read more about it!

“The miracle of Health”, written for Cambridge City Connect and available on our website

In the West, the chemically-based conventional system of medicine has been prevalent for over hundred years now. While well adapted for life-critical issues, more and more people are turning to a more gentle approach, aimed at body, mind and spirit. Read more about the dualistic state of healing here.

“Tinnitus and Homeopathy”, published on Total Health Website and on our website

short article written for a health centre in Cambridge that provides some therapeutic strategies for Tinnitus.

“Hugely successful homeopathic outreach for the homeless in Cambridge”, Complementary Medical Association Members’ Magazine

This article summarises a one-year project with Wintercomfort a homeless charity in Cambridge. The aim was to provide subsidised health services based on homeopathy and nutritional advice to the homeless community in Cambridge. You can access the full article here.

“Homeopathic Therapeutic Approaches to Chickenpox”

Hpathy magazine is the largest professional homeopathy magazine and one of the top-10 google-ranked holistic sites. Hpathy asked Thierry Clerc to write an article on how homeopathy can help for chickenpox, a childhood disease still very prevalent in Asia and Africa. See the full article here.

“A response to Cambridge MP’s critics of homeopathy”, Cambridge Evening News

An brief interview from the Cambridge Evening News allowing Thierry Clerc to present briefly his views on homeopathy, science, and NHS funding. The article can be viewed here.



Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Registered Health Practitioner
Clinical Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Nutrition & Allergy

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